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More On Healthy Boundaries

On this episode of BrainStorm: How Save-My-Life School taught me to make healthy boundaries with people, places and things,
-How I suggest you do the same,
-Why you deserve to make and enjoy them,
-…and more

BrainStorm Bonus Episode – Learning How To Make Healthy Boundaries Using “The Four Agreements”

On this bonus episode:

-I share how I use “The Four Agreements”, by author Don Miguel Ruiz, to help me form healthy boundaries in my recovery,
-How to cope with negative support,
-and Lollers finds Walter’s bone. 🙂

I have a new book coming out that you can preorder here.

BrainStorm – Grieving The Loss of My Career

On this episode:

-How I discovered that I identify as my career,
-How I am grieving the loss of my career through the five stages of grief (denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance)
-Where do I see myself in the future?
…and more

BrainStorm – Suicidal Ideation & Relapse

On this episode:

  • What suicidal ideation feels like to me,
  • Coping tools to use when suicidal thoughts are present,
  • What is relapse?,

and more…

  • National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

BrainStorm – Different Levels of Stigma

Hi everyone!

Moving forward I will be releasing a podcast every Monday and Thursday with the help of Luke from Podcast Wagon. Luke also produces Jody Mitic’s podcast and I am very happy to have his help!

Different Levels of Stigma

On this episode:
-How depression carries more stigma than PTSD and anxiety,
-Shout out to Sick Not Weak and Michael Landsberg who will be a guest on Brain Storm in the near future,
-How compassionate care is necessary for all types of mental illness,
-…and more

BrainStorm – PTSD Effects on The Brain

On this episode:

-PTSD effects on the brain,
-Terminology/language debates,
-Coping skills I use such as, specialized earplugs, guided meditation and anxiety distraction tools,
-…and more.

BrainStorm – Hospital Room 911

On this episode of Brain Storm:

  • How changing perspective and re-framing can improve your mental health,
  • Thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness,
  • Sanctuary trauma – how this is affecting so many first responders and military members
    …and more.

BrainStorm – Mini Cast (Catastrophizing)


On this mini episode of BrainStorm I will share about:

  • Catastrophizing – What it is and how I stop doing it,
  • Information on the equine therapy program, Can Praxis, and
  • How Syd the horse helped me conquer a huge trigger.

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BrainStorm – Remembering Chester Bennington

On this episode of BrainStorm I share:

  • Remembering the late band member, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park,
  • Thoughts about a past radio interview with him,
  • The “Layers” of my depression,
  • Ideas on how to react appropriately when we feel uncomfortable with talk about mental illness,
  • How I feel that suicide is not selfish,
  • …and more

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